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Market Moments (with the Marvins)

Market Moments with the Marvins is hosted by Carl Marvin. He is a young professional, new to the investing world, and just joined his family’s multigenerational global investing firm. Each episode, he will be joined by a Portfolio Manager at Marvin & Palmer for an insightful conversation on all things investing. 

Carl is thrilled and fortunate to learn from mentors who are not just incredible investors but also his grandfather, uncle, and dad.  They will walk him through moments in their decades-long investing career by taking a holistic approach which will include market fundamentals, professional experience, public sentiment, and personal anecdotes. We hope our listeners will benefit from a first-hand account of market history. 

Marvin & Palmer has one of the longest records of global equity investing, and we believe that understanding the past makes us better at identifying patterns in today’s markets. We are excited to share our expertise with others as we collectively strive to better understand the markets and world we are living in today.

Join Carl on his journey of learning the ins & outs of the investing world while also learning more about his own family.

Episode 5 - Opening Of Brazil (1994)

World Cup wins, liberalizing markets, and trips to the zoo! Join us for Steve’s first episode, where he talks about his 1994 experience in Brazil.

Episode 4 - Black Monday (1987)

Mondays are the worst!

Dave and Carl discuss Black Monday (1987), the biggest single-day market decline of his nearly 60-year career.

Episode 3 - Peso Devaluation: Mexico 1994

Dave and Carl discuss the Peso Devaluation in Mexico (1994). Dave recounts this event as one of his most important lessons in the investing world (learned the hard way). They talk about the importance of currency in international...

Episode 2 - Crash of the Nifty Fifty

Dave talks Carl through his first big break in the industry when he successfully navigated the crash of the Nifty Fifty in 1973-4. Dave shares with Carl his promotion to co-Portfolio Manager at IDS, what it’s like making the big...

Episode 1 - Growth of the Nifty Fifty

Dave discusses the growth of the Nifty Fifty in 1972-3. Carl hears about Dave's experience as a new father of three, Assistant Portfolio Manager at IDS, and in the Army Reserves. In the markets, Dave covers interest rates....