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Episode 4 -  Black Monday (1987)

Episode 4 - Black Monday (1987)

Mondays are the worst!

Dave and Carl discuss Black Monday (1987), the biggest single-day market decline of his nearly 60-year career. Dave recounts how the crash sparked fears of a depression. They also talk about the vast differences in trading throughout his career.

1:00 Background
2:50 Historical Market Context and Presidential Cycles
4:50 The Week Before
7:45 Preparing for Monday
8:40 Reliving Black Monday
9:25 Index Futures
11:15 Portfolio Insurance and Snowballing
14:50 Differences in Trading Overtime
23:25 The Aftermath
28:15 Preparing for a Depression
32:50 Similarities to COVID Market Decline
34:30 Differences as a New Entrepreneur