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U.S. Equities Strategy


The Marvin & Palmer U.S. Equities Strategy is implemented for investors on a separate account basis. The strategy invests in U.S.-listed equities and is managed relative to the S&P 500 Index.

Date of Inception:

August 1, 1988

Investment Approach:

Invests in high-quality companies supported by favorable industry trends.

Target Range of Holdings:

Generally 20 – 30


S&P 500 Index

Portfolio Managers:

David Marvin, Stephen Marvin

Portfolio Analyst:

Doug Sanna

Management Fees:

1.00% annually of assets under management

Why The U.S. Equities Strategy

  • Longstanding global investors with significant asset allocation experience
  • Superior, long-term track record
  • Concentrated portfolios
  • Tax sensitivity and strong risk controls

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Marvin & Palmer Associates does not claim GIPS compliance.