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Episode 2 - Crash of the Nifty Fifty

Episode 2 - Crash of the Nifty Fifty

Dave talks Carl through his first big break in the industry when he successfully navigated the crash of the Nifty Fifty in 1973-4. Dave shares with Carl his promotion to co-Portfolio Manager at IDS, what it’s like making the big call, and more. Their market topics included the Yom Kippur War and the ensuing oil shock, Price Controls, Inflation, and more. 

1:00 Personal Background

3:00 Cultural Events 

4:00 Socio-Political Backdrop

7:00 Nifty Fifty Market Decline and Oil Shock

11:15 Price Controls and Gas Lines

14:00 Inflation and the Fed

15:00 IDS Promotion and Portfolio Positioning

19:00 Base Period and Price Controls

22:00 Dave’s Basic Industry Bets

23:15 Making the Big Call