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Episode 9 - Bob Farrell's Beginnings

Episode 9 - Bob Farrell's Beginnings

Dave will be joined by our first external guest, the legendary market technician Bob Farrell, as they walk through his start in the industry and broad market perspective. Across five decades at Merrill Lynch, Bob helped pioneer their technical analysis department by combining deep quantitative work with market psychology and investor sentiment. His lasting legacy is highlighted by his 10 Rules for Investors, which are still used on the Street. Beyond this, Dave and Bob are great friends who have known each other for decades and love to get together to talk markets. Steel sharpens steel, as they say.

Link to Bob Farrell’s 10 Rules for Investors

Bob Farrell's 10 Rules [ChartSchool] (

1:35 Introduction
2:20 Bob’s Background
4:15 Starting at Merrill Lynch
7:55 Learning Technical Analysis & Focusing on Institutional Clients
11:15 Building a Name
13:50 Taking Over and Hitting the Road
16:20 The Nifty Fifty & Making the Big Call
25:05 Decades of Friendship