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Global Opportunities Strategy


The Global Opportunities Strategy focuses on absolute returns. The dramatic increase of ETF products allows the manager to invest across different asset types (country, sector, fixed income, commodities, etc.) using only US-listed companies, ETFs and ADRs. The strategy allows clients to benefit from global investment themes while being able to be more defensive during challenging markets.

Date of Inception:

July 1, 2016

Investment Approach:

Focus on global investment themes across asset classes

Target Range of Holdings:

Generally 15 – 25


N/A (focus on absolute return with 60% MSCI World/40% Cash used for informational purposes)

Portfolio Managers:

David Marvin, Stephen Marvin

Portfolio Analyst:

Doug Sanna

Management Fees:

1.00% annually of assets under management plus 10% net profit allocation subject to a high water mark

Why The Global Opportunities Strategy

  • Experienced management team has been through decades of investment cycles and crises.
  • Concentrated portfolio in attractive areas around the globe.
  • We believe missing major investment cycles is just as dangerous to long-term returns as losses.
  • Drawdowns are unavoidable, but our performance during the March 2020 COVID-19 correction is representative of our approach. We reduced our net exposure during the correction but quickly got re-invested into the rally.
  • We show our negative view on sectors and markets by avoiding them.
  • Keep it simple: concentrated global portfolio primarily using cash to manager volatility. 

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