U.S. Equities Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy

Description: The Marvin & Palmer U.S. Equity Tactical Asset Allocation strategy is implemented for investors on a separate account basis. The portfolio is split between U.S.-listed equities and cash depending on the manager’s market view. The strategy is employed relative to a benchmark (60% S&P 500 / 40% cash) and, generally, can range from 20% invested to 80% invested. This mechanism allows the strategy to be more aggressive or defensive on real-time developments in the global equity markets and the manager’s assessment of these developments.
Product Inception: July 1, 2006
Approach: Invests in high-quality growth companies supported by favorable industry trends. U.S. Equity investment approach is combined with the ability to manage cash levels in the portfolio according to overall view of equity markets.
Benchmark: 60% S&P 500 / 40% Cash
Target Range of Holdings: 25-35
Portfolio Managers: David Marvin, Stephen Marvin
Portfolio Analyst: Doug Sanna
Management Fees: 1.00% annually of assets under management
Preferred Minimum Account Size: $250,000

NOTE: Some accounts’ investment guidelines modify some or all of the elements of the investment strategy described above and may impose additional restrictions. Marvin & Palmer Associates may accept management of accounts that are smaller than the minimum stated above. Elements of the investment strategy described above may change over time. Please refer to the firm’s Brochure, for use in place of Part 2 of the United States Form ADV, for information on fees and minimum account sizes.