MPA Asia (Long/Short Equity)

Long/Short Equity

MPA Capital Management LLC (MPA) , an affiliate of M&P, offers institutional investors an Asian Long Short strategy.

The strategy employs a balanced, low directional, long/short equity strategy that focuses predominantly on the Asia-Pacific region. Depending upon the opportunity set, the strategy may have a bias towards stocks located in countries that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The strategy’s approach seeks to emphasize alpha over beta focusing on stock-specific idiosyncratic risk. The strategy will typically operate with moderate gross exposure and low net exposure. The strategy will be generally concentrated, and the short book seeks to generate profits as well as mitigate risk.

MPA believes Asian markets provide attractive investment opportunities but are volatile. The strategy’s low net exposure and balanced long short approach looks to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns with lower volatility and less beta than traditional Asian approaches.

The strategy’s differentiating factors include:

  • Geographically unique
  • Focused on alpha
  • Potential for strong returns
  • Reduced levels of volatility & downside deviation
  • Low levels of correlation to traditional and most hedged strategies

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MPA Capital Management LLC does not claim GIPS compliance.